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This TERMS OF SERVICE AGREEMENT ("TOS") is an Agreement between the taxpayer an individual or Taxpayers as a joint entity (Hereinafter know as "Client") and CMB Partners LLC, DBA RefundSafe. (Hereinafter known as "RS")
  2. RS is a low cost ID protection plan to ensure that if Client is a victim of IRS fraud, Client will rightfully receive Client refund. RS provides professional assistance to participating taxpayers should their tax return be rejected by the IRS due to them being a victim of taxpayer identity theft, or if prior to return submission the participating taxpayer feels they could become a victim. This assistance includes filling out and sending the required forms to receive the taxpayer PIN from the IRS claims excluding the signature of the taxpayer. When deemed necessary by RS, consultations will be provided by RS. Professional assistance excludes any legal representation of taxpayer or representation before the IRS.

  4. Client will be responsible for sending RS the required information proving identity and any signatures needed for documents sent to the IRS. Client will also be responsible for providing RS with a copy of this contract and proof of payment of the RS service product. Payment is NOT considered to be made if Client’s refund is not funded by the IRS. In such cases, it will be Client’s responsibility to pay Client’s tax professional directly to ensure that coverage is in force.

  6. There is a one-time fee of $37.95 which provides the RS service for the current tax year and does not extend to any other tax years prior or beyond. This protection extends until Client's next year’s tax return is accepted by the IRS. Client will be given an option annually to purchase RS coverage. Client has the option to pay for this service with no out of pocket cost via Client's IRS refund. Payment is NOT considered to be made if Client's refund is not funded by the IRS. In such cases, it will be Client's responsibility to pay Client's tax professional directly to ensure that coverage is in force.

  8. RS services are backed by the RefundSafe Guarantee Plus. If Client does not receive Client's rightful IRS refund within 120 (one hundred and twenty) days from the date Client reported the identification theft to RS, RS will not only give Client back Client's money Client paid RS for RS services, but RS will give Client $100 (one hundred dollars) more on top of it. Payments will be reimbursed only after the taxpayer provides RS with proof that their issue will not be resolved by the IRS. Payments will be paid out within 30 (thirty) days of such proof.

  10. This TOS Agreement is considered null and void if one or more of the below are true:
    (A) Incomplete or false information that Client has given to Client tax preparer in connection with Client identity upon preparation of Client IRS return (B) The inability of the IRS or RS to obtain from Client sufficient documents supporting Client claims within 30 days (C) Any fraudulent tax return or filing provided by Client.

  12. Client agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless RS, and its officers, directors, employees, subsidiaries, affiliates, agents, shareholders, suppliers, and service providers from any costs, expenses, including, among other expenses, attorneys' fees and expenses, losses, damages, specifically excluding consequential, exemplary, special, indirect or punitive damages, suits, claims, or liabilities incurred and arising from or relating to Client’s unreasonable expectations any cause for termination within this TOS (see section 5), or anything beyond RS's reasonable control.

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