Taxpreparer benefits

With refund fraud becoming rampant causing you and your clients’ unnecessary stress, taxpayers are more vulnerable each year to be a victim of this fraud. As you are aware, if your clients do not get their refund, you do not get paid, so everyone wins with the RefundSafe product.

Prepaid protection is the most cost effective manner of ensuring your reimbursement for the tax preparation and that your clients receive their refunds in a timely fashion. With additional benefits such as rebates to you as a tax preparer, do not overlook this valuable unique available resource.

Tax Preparer Benefits

    RefundSafe Authorized Provider Seal
  • Free office registration
  • Lucrative product rebates
  • Option to Adjust your price up
  • Base price rebates
  • Receive Rebates on Every Single Sale
  • The peace of mind knowing you will be paid on your work
  • Hassle-free solution for your clients
  • NO more extra paperwork required by you
  • No- upfront fee purchase option for your clients (with bank products only)
  • Our Money Back Plus Guarantee to ensure satisfaction
  • The right to use the RefundSafe Authorized Provider Seal on tax preparer marketing material



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