Taxpayer benefits
Refund Safe Taxpayer benefits

RefundSafe products were formulated by a company of highly professional taxpayers who have been involved in the professional world of the IRS for many years. We are dedicated to cleaning up IRS fraud which hurts all taxpayers and providing you with the best service possible. We are bonded and insured by top insurance companies and our staff is fully prepared to ensure you receive your deserved refund as soon as possible.

Taxpayer Benefits

As a RefundSafe client you will benefit from :

  • The peace of mind to know your refund is secure
  • ID theft protection for issues relating to the IRS
  • Emotional comfort and support during a potentially stressful time
  • Professional and bilingual staff available
  • Annual protection
  • Hassle-free process
  • Professional handling of all correspondence required from you to the IRS
  • Prepaid purchase option
  • No- upfront fee purchase option
  • Our Money Back Plus Guarantee
  • Immediate access to protection



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