It's Your refund

Plain and simple, you work hard and pay your taxes. So when it comes time to get your rightful tax refund back you are excited and look forward to that lump sum every year. Maybe you need the money to pay off some bills, pay your rent, buy a new car, go on vacation, or just simply stick it away for a rainy day. NO matter what your reason is, it is your reason and it is YOUR refund!

These tough economic times has brought back the old crime of identity stealing and applying for your taxes in your name as well as their own. The convenient debit cards make this easy for a criminal to do these days. Protect yourself from being at a loss of what to do if this happens to you by having RefundSafe™ in your back pocket.

Remember it is YOUR refund - NOT theirs. Contact us or ask your tax professional how you can protect yourself from lack of knowledge today!

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