What is RefundSafe™?

RefundSafe ™ is a new and unique product which provides insurance like coverage for IRS tax fraud perpetrated by identity theft.

Refund Safe Taxpayer benefitsWhy do I need RefundSafe™ ?

Over the last few years IRS tax fraud has become rampant and in order to ensure that you receive your deserved refund in a timely fashion, it is important to have knowledge of how to work with the IRS from start to finish until you get your refund. RefundSafe™ provides you that and more. How much does RefundSafe™ cost? RefundSafe™ is affordable for any taxpayer and costs less than a 10 cents a day for this invaluable service

How is RefundSafe™ paid for?

We accept all major credit cards and paypal. However, the majority of our clients pay us out of their refund so not only is this convenient but there is no up front fee.

If I am a victim, what should I do to activate my RefundSafe™ coverage?

Our hassle-free service makes this very easy. Once a taxpayer becomes a victim of IRS tax fraud, they can either contact us via our toll-free number or report it online through our secured and encyrpted membership login.

Do you have bilingual staff?

Yes, our staff speaks English and Spanish

How fast does someone contact me after I report being a victim of IRS tax fraud?

You will be contacted very fast. Within 24 business hours one of our staff will contact you to get the necessary information for quick resolution.

What happens if you can not get my refund back?

This is highly unlikely, as we have a 100% recovery currently. However, if this was to happen, we have a Money Back Plus Guarantee, where we not only refund your money that you paid for the service, but we give you $100 extra. WE are that sure we can help you.

Do you offer a way to protect my identity with the IRS before I become a victim ?

Yes, our RefundSafe Advanced™ product provides you this coverage. Ask us or your tax preparer about this more detailed service?

Refund Safe Taxpayer benefitsI am a tax preparer and want to sign up my office to offer RefundSafe™ to my clients- is there a fee and how do I sign up?

We make it easy to offer RefundSafe™ to your clients. It is free to sign up for you and your office. You can register on our site by filling out a simple one page application and agreeing to the terms and conditions. We even offer you rebates and referral fees for other tax offices your refer us to.

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