Let our IRS identity theft assistance program ensure that your refund stays in your hands

Who we are

As tax professionals and taxpayers, we are tired of the amount of fraud we have seen in our industry. Based on that, RefundSafe has made it our mission to clean up the fraud and provide you protection that every taxpayer needs, even if you are unaware of how much.

Our company consists of tax professionals with combined business experience of 50+ years and combined tax preparation experience of 20+ years. We are bonded and insured and fully equipped to handle tax identity theft.

How it works

Since RefundSafe™ is a pre-paid "insurance" like service, if you become a victim of IRS identity theft, we handle all the paperwork and IRS communication from start to finish. If and when you become a victim of IRS tax fraud, you can contact us via our toll-free number or report it online through our secured and encrypted membership login.

Contact Info

Refund Safe™


fax: 251-380-8311

email: info@refundsafe.com

Taxpayer benefits

Taxpayer Benefits RefundSafe products were formulated by a company of highly professional taxpayers who have been involved in the professional world of the IRS for many years.


Taxpreparer benefits

Taxpreparer Benefits With refund fraud becoming rampant causing you and your clients' unnecessary stress, taxpayers are more vulnerable each year to be a victim of this fraud.



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Our guarantee

Our Guarantee Our services are backed by the RefundSafe Guarantee. If your identity has been stolen in order for someone else to apply for a refund in your name, we will work with the IRS to get your deserved refund in your hands and out of the hands of others.